Bunk House

We have been serving our clients with Bunk House which can be easily ported from one place to another as per the demands of our patrons. It is available in attractive designs, space and colors to provide a wide range to choose from. This house is used as an accommodation for workers, employees etc. at an on-site job location in sectors like construction, engineering, military and so on. Bunk House finds application in mountains, forest and other such locations for tourists, youths, families etc. for trekking, adventure sports, sight seeing, spending holidays etc. They are equipped with all basic necessities such as beds, washrooms, piping & plumbing fittings, and so on.

Key Points:

  •     It is known for optimal resistance against corrosion and abrasion.
  •     It is easy to install and dismantle.
  •     Places like mountains, forests, etc. find perfect use for this house.
  •     It has good ventilation system.

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